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The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

During the period from about 1875 to 1884, publishers produced what were referred to as “historical atlases” of most of the counties of Ontario. These included township and town maps, details of residents and business who paid for summaries to be included, and other details. One of the key features from a family history point of view are the township maps, laying out the surveyed property lots and the names of the current owners.

In 1998, McGill University began a project of indexing and digitally reproducing these atlases. We are grateful to the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project, Rare Books and Special Collections, McGill University for allowing us to share their index for the Illustrated Historical Atlases of the counties of Peterborough – 1871, Northumberland – 1878, and Victoria – 1881, Canada West with us.

Note that Haliburton County did not come into being until 1881, as the Provisional County of Haliburton, formed by 3 townships withdrawn from Victoria County, 12 townships withdrawn from Peterborough County and another 5 from Nipissing District. Accordingly, although Haliburton County is not itself included in this index, many of the townships comprising Haliburton County are included (see Haliburton History).

The table below is searchable on all fields, and the final column to the right is a direct link to the available information from the county atlases about the identified individuals as presented on the website of the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project site.

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