The Kawartha Branch research materials are shelved with the ‘Peterborough Collection’ within the Reference Department at the Peterborough Public Library, 345 Aylmer St. N, Peterborough, Ontario.

The materials are accessible “without an appointment” during the operating hours of the Main Library.

Peterborough Public Library – type genealogy into the search engine and/or choose Shelf Selection of ‘Kawartha Branch-Ogs (Ref) in the card catalogue and the resulting items that show are part of our Branch Collection.

NOTE: – We have a branch volunteer(s) at the Library every Wednesday afternoon for a Drop In Genealogy session. The volunteer(s) can assist you with locating materials. If you would like to come at sometime other than our scheduled afternoon, please contact us in advance of your trip, if you would like assistance of a branch volunteer during your visit. Otherwise, Library help desk personnel will assist you to access the materials.