Places of Worship – Places

Places of Worship – Places

The Places of Worship are listed in the same manner as they are in the book – denomination, the locality (community or township), then the name of the place (church, school, etc).  Places that have been used by more than one denomination (such as Methodist and United) are listed under both denominations.  The title on the pictures refers to the last denomination to use the place.

All the pictures for a Place are together, in date order as much as can be determined. The owner of the original for each picture is given, along with a contact (when possible) in case you want a print.

You do NOT have permission to copy any picture on this site.  Each picture is owned by the person or organization named and you must contact them for permission to copy.  These pictures are stripped-down jpegs, intended for viewing on a monitor — they do not print well.

Anglican – Apsley – St George
Anglican – Bridgenorth – Christ Church
Anglican – Garrison Schoolhouse
Anglican – Haultain – Holy Trinity
Anglican – Havelock – St John
Anglican – Lakefield – Christ Church
Anglican – Lakefield – St John
Anglican – Peterborough – St Luke (Third Church)
Anglican – South Burleigh – Holy Trinity
Anglican – Warsaw – St Mark
Anglican – Youngs Point – St Aiden

Baptist Convention – Gilmour
Baptist Convention – Lakefield
Baptist Convention – Norwood
Baptist Convention – Selwyn (Second Church)
Baptist Convention – Smith Line Church (Second Church)
Baptist Convention – Woodview – Trinity

Baptist Fellowship – Havelock

Free Methodist – Cordova

Methodist Church of Canada – Garrison Schoolhouse
Methodist Church of Canada – Selwyn (Second Church)
Methodist Church of Canada – Smith – Robinsons
Methodist Church of Canada – Smith – Wesley

Methodist Church – Bridgenorth (Second Church)
Methodist Church – Clarina – Carmel
Methodist Church – Cordova
Methodist Church – Dummer – Bethel
Methodist Church – Haultain – Eden
Methodist Church – Havelock
Methodist Church – Garrison Schoolhouse
Methodist Church – Lakefield (Second Church)
Methodist Church – Selwyn (Second Church)
Methodist Church – Smith – Fairview
Methodist Church – Smith – Robinsons
Methodist Church – Smith – Wesley
Methodist Church – Trent River
Methodist Church – Victoria
Methodist Church – Warsaw

Methodist Episcopal – Trent River

Other – Apsley Community Chapel
Other – Lakefield – Gospel Chapel
Other – Selwyn – Cornerstone Christian Fellowship

Pentecostal – Havelock

Presbyterian – Cordova
Presbyterian – Havelock – Knox (Second Church)
Presbyterian – Lakefield – St Andrew
Presbyterian – Norwood – St Andrew (Second Church)

Roman Catholic – Douro – St Joseph (Second Church)
Roman Catholic – Havelock – Our Lady of Mt Carmel (Second Church)
Roman Catholic – Lakefield – St Paul (Second Church)
Roman Catholic – Youngs Point – St Mary of Good Counsel

United – Apsley – Trinity (Third Church)
United – Bridgenorth (Second Church)
United – Clarina – Carmel
United – Cordova – St Andrew
United – Dummer – Bethel
United – Haultain – Eden (At various times called Haultian, Woodview, or Mt Julian)
United – Havelock
United – Lakefield (Second Church)
United – Selwyn (Second Church)
United – Selwyn (Third Church)
United – Smith – Fairview
United – Smith – Wesley
United – Trent River
United – Victoria
United – Warsaw
United – Youngs Point (Second Church)

Wesleyan Methodist – Garrison Schoolhouse
Wesleyan Methodist – Smith – Robinsons
Wesleyan Methodist – Smith – Wesley

Schoolhouse – Garrison